Success Stories


SysteCom successfully installed in MMS the platform PCSM (Panda Cloud Systems Management) from Panda Security. This resulted in the possibility of monitoring, reporting, alerting, inventory and management of the whole network through the SaaS infrastructure Panda.


SysteCom successfully completed in ETASA the project Vulnerability and Risk assessment in IT infrastructure. From the results, the company received invaluable information for the security level of their systems as well and how to cover the security gaps identified. The assessment was done with Qualys tools currently holding a leading position in the global market for Vulnerability & risk assessment.


Systecom successfully completed the project image Backup & replication in the Piraeus port authority (OLP) organization. For more than 40 production machines we have initiated image backup to a local BDR server every 15 min, meaning that should there be an issue with any production machine, functionality will be restored with minimum down time (10 to 20 min) for the organization. Additionally images are being replicated in different locations creating disaster recovery site with the minimum cost.

VMware Horizon View case study

Systecom has delivered to a Public Sector Organization a fully infrastructure platform based on VMware Horizon View. The goal of this project was to virtualize periodically more than 600 physical desktops. We deployed virtual servers and virtual desktops on HP Server Blades and greatly reduced the amount of cabling by using HP Virtual Connect. The data are stored on HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage. We used all the modern features of Horizon View, giving each Department the ability to exploit all the advantages of the platform.

PointSharp 2FA Case Study

Our customer replaced Safeword authentication by PointSharp ID. Hardware Tokens were replaced by Soft Tokens on the Smartphone. Our Goal was to achieve a cost reduction and increase security and flexibility for the users. SysteCom offers an authentication platform (PointSharp), where users are forced to login via 2-factor authentication using a OneTime Password (OTP). The OTP can be generated on a Smartphone or received via SMS/Voice/Email. Additionally a Hardware Token can be used. PointSharp ID software was installed on Windows Server Environment (W20012R2) with AD and a Radius Connection to a Portal/Firewall. (Cisco).